The coach Ailton Ferraz (left), Trevor Colazzo (center) and the soccer manager, José Reis. Photo: Raffa Tamburini/SportVoice

America welcomes American player for international exchange in professional soccer

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Wednesday (7/2) brought over to America a welcome novelty. The Campos Sales team joined, for at least fifteen days, the Rotary International American exchange student, Trevor Colazzo, to the cast of professional football. Trevor, who is 17, is a native of Ohio State and played for Columbus Crew for two years, trained with athletes in crimson Stadium Giulite Coutinho in Mesquita city and tried to put into words his expectation about the period which he will be training in Mecão.

- I am excited about this passage at America and learn the Brazilian way of playing. Having the opportunity to train with professionals in an atmosphere of a big club in Brazil is a sensational opportunity. I hope to return to the United States with more experience and better - said the young man.

A soccer lover , Trevor reveals that he already knew the America. So when the opportunity came to perform in one of the biggest clubs in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil, he saw no alternative but to seize it. And in the few hours, he was socializing on the premises and with the athletes, the american said.

- I already knew America and when this opportunity came I grabbed. But knowing the club, live, is even more interesting. The Stadium is phenomenal and the works that are going to improve the structure show that the club is growing even more. I am, literally, the American in the team and so I will enjoy every day to spend here. At first I will stay in Mecão for 15 days, but hope to get more – he confessed.

Cheers to the coach

A fan of Brazilian soccer, Trevor became acquainted with the history of Ailton Ferraz, the coach of America. For the U.S., to repeat what Ailton accomplished in his career as a professional player is the dream of every athlete. The young man also cited to be coached by someone with so much experience is something unique and praised the coach.

- I dream to be a soccer player as Ailton Ferraz was . Playing in big clubs and scoring important goals, such as the late Brazilian Championship is something desired by any athlete. I also know that he has gained experience with great coaches such as Luiz Felipe Scolari and this chance I have, to absorb his teachings, will be unforgettable – he concluded.